A Full-Range Of Executive Benefits Solutions

Our team of experts leverages a hands-on approach to deliver a bespoke plan design customized to meet organizational and recipient performance objectives. Through a comprehensive review of priorities and agnostic evaluation of a wide range of structures, ALM First strives to reduce risk and provide efficient solutions designed in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Ongoing Services

  • Plan Design
  • Consulting
  • Plan Audit
  • Administration/Plan Servicing

457 (b)

An employer sponsored, tax-advantaged retirement plan for certain non-profit organizations.

457 (f)

A plan that allows tax-exempt employers an opportunity to supplement the retirement income of its management.

Split Dollar Life Insurance

Agreement between two or more parties to share the ownership, costs, and benefits of a permanent life insurance policy.

162 Executive Bonus

A plan that allows an employer to provide life and/or disability income insurance to key executives using tax deductible dollars.

Rabbi Trust

An irrevocable trust that is used to fund non-qualified deferred compensation for key employees.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy

Permanent life insurance that typically pays interest based on the movement of underlying stock and bond indices.

Whole Life Insurance Policy

Permanent life insurance policy which provides dividends from the life insurance company. Typically, guarantees a death benefit in exchange for level premium payments.

Collateral Assignment Split Dollar

Employee owned life insurance policy in which the employer lends the premium required to pay for the policy.

Endorsement Split Dollar

Employer owned life insurance policy but allows the employee to name the beneficiaries.

Tailored Solutions

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