Published January 10, 2024



Unlock insights into successful executive search and talent retention with industry insiders Deedee Meyers and Tom Sievewright in the latest episode of “In Your Best Interest.”

Discover how the high-stakes game of recruiting top players in financial services demands a blend of strategic foresight and competitive compensation. We delve into the urgency of initiating CEO searches with ample time, and the evolving nature of the CFO role to one that requires a strategic mindset. Our conversation uncovers the pitfalls of sluggish hiring processes and reinforces the necessity for organizations to pivot quickly to secure the right candidates, ensuring their visions for the future align perfectly with those stepping into leadership roles.

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Tom Sievewright

Tom Sievewright rejoined ALM First in 2023 as a Director in the Executive Benefits subsidiary. In his current role, Tom is responsible for developing innovative solutions geared towards retaining key executives for financial institutions.


Deedee Myers

Deedee has a master’s degree in organizational development, a Ph.D. in human development, a master’s level in somatic coaching, and a PCC in coaching from the International Coaching Federation.


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